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El Sur is a modern and authentic, artistic and serene Spanish Tapas Restaurant in Dubai.


The style and soul of the modern Spain expressed in marvelous gastronomic experiences. From the bar to the tapas, from wine to dinner…





Our bartenders lay with a variety of fresh herbs and fruits, as well as modern tools to elevate the classics and re-imagine the modern mainstays.

Signature cocktails as the Mediterraneus and Maria Kamila

Our Martini de Café is the best version of the Espresso Martini in town,

and we also have a superb Gin & Tonic menu


Al fresco dining with stunning sunset views over and an ambiance that immediately transports you onto the cobbled streets of a Spanish Tapas Restaurant in Southern Spain.

Guests can enjoy premium cigars, an array of spirits and liqueurs to pair along with a culinary experience that serves up a feast for the senses.